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High Fives

Mask Making & Donations

The Story

Simply put, there are currently not enough effective masks for healthcare workers.  This week I have had a pharmacist, a respiratory therapist, a nursing home administrator, and other local physicians ask if I had any spare masks.  I have just enough for our staff with a few extras.  The CDC and our Ohio leaders recommend that we use n95 masks (a highly effective filtering material) to protect against Covid-19, however these are even more limited than other masks.  Our leaders are working hard on getting mass production of masks, in the meantime I believe we can help. 


I have purchased a high quality filter material (similar or better than n95) & with your help we can make numerous masks that would go directly to our communities healthcare providers among other high risk people.  As healthcare providers we have to balance helping others with protecting ourselves.  We will do anything to help people,  will you help us protect ourselves?

                                                                                                       - Dr. Bob Naples Jr

  • Homemade masks with a pocket (will be used to put n95 filter in)

  • 3D Reusable Mask (has an area for a filter)

  • We will also accept Homemade masks that we will distribute to lower risk individuals/workers.  Joann Fabrics is giving materials out for free if used to make a mask.

Drop off at Naples Family Medicine:  2249 Elm Road Cortland, OH 44410 inside or in mailbox.

To arrange pickup:

Call 330-372-1608

Text 330-307-6946



TIPS based on Volunteer Suggestions below Videos

We ask that you stay with these two types of masks.  They do not have to be exact, but similar styles.  We do inspect all masks for quality.  I will obviouslly take suggestions and feedback which can be sent to or on our volunteer facebook page

Mask with pocket for N95 filter

Simple mask with interface


  • Joann Fabrics is giving away materials FREE

  • 1/4" elastic has become harder to find - Alternatives include bungee or fabric ties

  • The filter is flexible and can be bent to fit inside pocket and then open up once inside mask

  • click below to join group for more info

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